Going Potty

Although a restroom is a necessity for all, you can imagine how varied in experiences they can be, depending on how much thought has been put into them. Be an excellent host by including restrooms in your guest experience design. Private Events Countless films depict a long line at a restroom at a house party. There's a reason these parties are for high schoolers. For an event where guest experience is your priority, avoid long lines by: Open up as many restrooms as possible You may want to keep a bathroom in a master bedroom closed off. If this is a sensitive issue, consider allowing a few trusted friends or event staff to use them to lighten the load on the other restrooms. While you can never have too many restrooms, you can certainly have too little. Though specific guidelines vary, a good average is 1 restroom per 50 guests. Consider the age, gender mix, and what you're serving at your party to estimate a good bathroom count. Use signage Let people know where the restroom
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